Title I

Title I is a continuation of the oldest of the federal aid to education programs. The fact that there have been few substantial changes in the overall format is evidence of the sound foundation upon which it is based. All of the guidelines are merely assurances that Title I funds will be used to meet the needs of a specific group of children. 

Title I targets “educational equity” by providing educational services to those students who are most at-risk of failing to pass the state’s challenging academic standards in reading. The state, district, and school receive funding based on poverty measures. The program serves students regardless of the family’s income level based on achievement measures.

Each school and each school division enjoys a great deal of flexibility in identifying the needs of the children as well as in the planning and implementing programs to meet their needs. The law focuses on standards, achievement, and accountability. Each state has adopted a multiple measure assessment system aligned with state standards and established criteria for adequate yearly progress.

In addition, the law requires: that Title I personnel believe that all children can succeed in mastering higher level thinking skills; that the division provides professional development that prepares teachers to teach a high quality, research based, curriculum; and that Title I schools involve families in ways that will help the students achieve in school. It is the responsibility of each school division to utilize all the information and enable identified students to meet the state’s challenging academic standards.

Prince George operates a Targeted Assistance Program in all eligible elementary schools. The purpose of the program is to accelerate the progress of identified Title I students in the area of reading.

School planning committees, school Parent Advisory Committees (PAC) and a Division Advisory Committee (DAC), all contribute ideas and suggestions to the overall Title I plan. Prince George’s Targeted Assistance Programs offer a combination of pull-out, semi-inclusive, and/or one-on-one instruction sessions.