Parent FAQs

How does the parent loop work for drop-off?

Parents may drop off students in the parent look between 8:30 and 9:00 each morning.  If at all possible, have your child sit on the passenger side of the car before leaving home.  Enter the loop to the left as you enter into the parking lot.  Stay in line and pull up behind any cars currently in the loop.  A staff member will open the car door for your child to exit the vehicle.  Do NOT park in the loop.  Traffic must remain moving.


How does parent loop work for pick-up?

Parents using the parent loop in the afternoon for pick-up MUST have an orange parent loop pass displayed in the windshield.  Forms are sent home at the beginning of the school year to request passes.  To pick-up in the loop, find the end of the line leading to the loop.  Sometimes the line wraps into the parking lot.  Once in line, follow the car in front of you.  When your child sees your vehicle pull up to the loading area, a staff member will open the vehicle door for your child to enter.  Do not pass other vehicles in the loop once you have your child, remain in line and follow the flow of traffic.  In order for your child to be waiting at parent loop, notification must be given to the teacher/school.  Notification can be a note sent to the teacher or a phone call to the office before 3:00, notes are preferred.  If you have multiple students being picked up, please send a note to each teacher.

How can I keep up with my child's grades?

All parents have the ability to view their child's current academic progress by using Parent Portal.  If you already have a Parent Portal account, you may access your account by logging in here.  If you do not have an account, or you are not sure how to use Parent Portal, please take a moment to read some frequently asked questions about Parent Portal.  You may also use Parent Portal to email your child's teacher, check attendance records, and other important functions.


What grading scale does Prince George County Public Schools use?

The grading scale for all Prince George County schools is as follows:

  • A - 93-100
  • B - 86-92
  • C - 78-85
  • D - 70-77
  • F - 0-69


Is there an easy way to manage my child's lunch account?

 Yes!  Parents may easily load money onto their child's lunch account by using My School Bucks, along with other simple ways to pre-load money onto the lunch account.  Please refer to county's Food & Nutrition Services Pre-Payment Options webpage for more information.  A link to this page can be found in the Parents menu in the navigation row at the top of the page.