Kids learning to share and care

Individual levels, strengths and needs

Nurturing environments that encourage positive risk-taking

Different learning styles and personalities begin to surface

Every moment is a teachable moment

Remembering to raise hands and to work cooperatively with others

Gaining a greater awareness of letters, sounds, words, and numbers

Art, music, PE, and library help to educate the whole child

Responsibility, respect, cooperation and honesty are celebrated

Time; all children need time and the opportunity to grow

Each child is a promise of a bright future

Never forgetting that each child is a work in progress!

Supply List

Backpack (no roller)

Lunch box (optional)

Rest mat – plastic 3 fold THIN mat (no cloth mats for health reasons.  No exercise or Styrofoam mats)

24 No. 2 pencils sharpened

1 pair of Fiskars scissors – blunt tip

1 box of tissues (per semester)

4 boxes of 8 Crayola crayons (2 skinny/2 jumbo)

1 8 pack play-doh

1 Marble Notebook

1 package of 8 large Crayola washable markers

1 package of 4 dry-erase markers

48 glue sticks

1 plastic pocket folder (3 ring)

1 large pink eraser

1 bottle of hand sanitizer (Germ-X)

1 Pencil Box (plastic – no larger than 5”x8”)

1 set of water color paints

1 pack index cards

1 tub of water color paints

GIRLS-quart size Ziploc bags

BOYS-gallon size Ziploc bags


P.E. Class – Tennis shoes required

Please label all items sent to school including book bag, lunch box, rest mat, hat, and jacket.  All supplies must be replenished as needed and should be at school daily.