Fourth Grade

The Fourth Grade teachers would like to send you a huge welcome! We know that this will be an exciting and rewarding year for all of us. Fourth Grade is challenging and builds on everything learned in the Third Grade in order to prepare for the Fifth Grade. We encourage students to work to their fullest potential as we teach them to become more independent.

As in all schools in the state of Virginia, the Fourth Graders at Harrison Elementary will take a Reading and Math Standard of Learning test in May. In addition, they will be tested in Fifth Grade on the Standards taught in writing and science. In order to prepare for these challenges the following programs and events are put into place!

  • Accelerated Reading- All students will be given a set number of points to earn each nine weeks through daily reading. These points are based on their own reading level as determined by their Z.P.D. Each student will work to earn their points while keeping their percent correct average above 85%. “AR” counts as 25% of each students Language Arts grade. It is so important that children develop a love for reading. It is hoped by using the AR program students will be challenged to read increasing their reading skills.
  • Novel Based reading lessons
  • Before School Tutoring
  • Computer Labs
  • Interactive Achievement Testing- This testing is done after each 9-week. It helps us to find areas that need to be retaught.
  • Interactive note taking
  • Each student participates in becoming a published author, either independently or collectively.
  • Students have the opportunity to participate in SCA, choir, Green Team, school fundraisers and classroom projects.
  • A yearly field trip
  • Hands-On Experiences

 These are only a few examples of the things that children will experience at Harrison in the Fourth Grade! We are excited about working with parents and students so that our school and community thrive!

Supply List

2 pack of  WIDE ruled loose leaf  paper

1 baby wipe            

1 fabric pencil pouch with zipper (no plastic boxes)

1 boxes of tissues

60 No. 2 pencils     

Colored Pencils (small 12 pack) or Crayons (24 size box only)

4 black dry erase markers

20 glue sticks (no bottle glue)


2 highlighters

1 pack of 3x5 index cards

1 clip board

1 red pen

1 black Sharpie

1 pair of scissors

3 folders any color or design

6 composition notebooks

BOYS - 1 box of large Ziploc bags

GIRLS - 1 box of small Ziploc bags

1 bottle of hand sanitizer

1 inch binder may be needed per teacher request

Art Class - 8.5x11 Spiral Bound Sketch with 50 pages or more.  A plain cover is preferred.  Sketch books will be sold during Orientation & at the beginning of the

school year for $6.00.

Music Class – 4th and 5th grade only Soprano recorder (to be ordered at a later date)

P.E. Class – Tennis shoes required

Please label all items sent to school.All supplies must be replenished as needed and should be at school daily.