Second Grade

Second Grade students at Harrison Elementary school will have an exciting year full of adventures and learning! Some of our adventures will include learning about China and Egypt, and how the Indians lived. We will also become scientists and conduct real experiments! We will build on our reading skills with books, books, and more books!

 Students will participate in the Accelerated Reading program and will have opportunities to earn rewards. These are just a few of the exciting things that will be happening in Second Grade. The most important is that each second grade student will leave prepared for the challenges that they will face in the third grade!

Supply List

Clipboard (standard size)

Backpack (no roller)

2 plastic pocket folders--1 green (no prongs), 1 red (with prongs)

2 24 packs of No. 2 pencils

1 red ball-point pen

1 rectangular gum eraser

1 box of Crayons (24 or less)

2 small dry erase markers (4 pack)

1 small pencil box (8”x5”x2” plastic/not cloth pouch)

1 pair of Fiskars scissors

8 glue sticks

1 large boxes of tissues

1 bottle of hand sanitizer (12 ounce or larger)

2 highlighters

1 tub of baby wipes

GIRLS – gallon size Ziploc bags

BOYS – quart size Ziploc bags


Recommended:  Addition/subtraction flash cards to use at home.

P.E. Class – Tennis shoes required

Please label all items sent to school.  All supplies must be replenished as needed and should be at school daily.